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Red Dog Bites Pty Ltd is an integrated Media and Entertainment Company operating within a Transmedia business model.

We have a distinct focus on Australian-themed, in-house originated, transmedia-based, storyworld entertainment properties.



Created by Keith Saggers & Tristan Jones

The Flamin' Thongs (formerly called The Aussie Thong Family) broadcast channel is ABC3.

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The Flamin' Thongs

The sheer originality of The Flamin' Thongs jumps off the screen with FRESHNESS delivered by use of vibrant colours that fully capture the unique Australian way of life and landscape through a photorealism approach (real sea, real sky, real trees and earth, real tip, real corrugated tin, and so on) with the Flash animated series populated by an ever increasing list of designs/images pertaining to the many and varied Aussie characters, locations and props.

And the series has major differentiation in the global marketplace as a 100% Australian made project being "created by Australians, written by Australians, produced and directed by Australians, and animated in Australia by Australians".

The Flamin' Thongs


Red Dog Bites

Our iconic symbol is the Kelpie, an Australian cattle/sheep dog.

Courageous, tough, intelligent, with strength and deep endurance unlike any other dog of its size. Fast and agile. Very athletic and hard working. Capable of quick and sudden movement. Excellent in wide open spaces as well as in the cattle yards. Protective and loyal.

The Flamin' Thongs & Rerp's Global Adventure


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